The fellow ballplayer understands how hard it can be to keep personal lives private

By Jesse Curti
Updated November 14, 2008 03:00 PM
Credit: Janet Mayer/Splash News; Gary Gershoff/WireImage

As a two-time Gold Glove winner and third baseman for the New York Mets, the stuff on the baseball diamond comes easy for David Wright. But handling celebrity status outside the stadium takes a completely different set of skills.

“It’s a compliment when people follow you around and want to know what you’re doing,” Wright told PEOPLE at his Do the Wright Thing Gala at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York this week. But, he added, “I try to keep my personal life private as much as possible.”

So far he’s been successful, but he does understand how hard it must be for friend and Yankee player Alex Rodriguez to be subjected to the constant mentions in regards to Madonna’s divorce.

“I feel for Alex because he’s such a great ballplayer,” he said. “He’s great on the field and because of what he does on the field, he’s scrutinized off the field.”

Something Wright says he tries to steer clear of. “Fortunate enough I get to do something I love for a living and … being put in the public eye and I take that very seriously and I try to act and carry myself appropriately.”

So, why do women go wild over baseball players? The 25-year-old says: “I don’t have nearly that problem nearly most players do, but I think its competitiveness and desire. We set lofty goals, we try to accomplish them and I think that’s attractive.”