David Beckham Wishes Birthday Girl Victoria 'The Most Amazing Day' and More Of the Couple's Romantic Moments

The soccer star's birthday tribute to his fashion designer wife is just the latest in their long history of romantic exchanges

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On Deserving the Best

Victoria Beckham x YouTube Fashion & Beauty After Party At London Fashion Week Hosted By Derek Blasberg & David Beckham
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To celebrate Victoria's 45th birthday on April 17, her husband shared a thoughtful tribute to her on Instagram. "Happy Birthday Mama," David wrote, tagging their four children in the photo of the birthday girl smiling softly over a candlelit table. "Have the most amazing day because you deserve to spoilt by the little ones ... & Me of course."

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On David Being the Whole Package

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Ahead of the couple's 20th anniversary in July 2019, the fashion designer reflected on her relationship with the soccer star to Entertainment Tonight. "David is such a great husband, such a great dad and the most incredible business partner that anybody could ever want," she said. "He really supports me in what I do."

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On Love at First Sight

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The soccer star knew Victoria was 'The One' before even meeting her in person. While watching a Spice Girls music video on TV, Beckham proclaimed to a pal: "See the girl in the dark short dress? I'm going to marry her." The designer echoed her hubby's statement: "Completely love at first sight. He told me he went home and wrote my [telephone] number on so many other things in case he lost it."

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On Victoria's Keys to a Healthy Relationship

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"In marriage: have patience. Bite your tongue. Be supportive. And preserve a bit of mystique," Victoria wrote in a letter addressed to her 18-year-old self, published in British Vogue. "Never let yourself go completely (at least brush your hair, clean your teeth, have a bit of a brow going on because you will always want him to look at you and feel attracted)."

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On Their Meet-Cute

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"Yes, love at first sight does exist," she wrote in a letter to her 18-year-old self, which appeared in British Vogue. "It will happen to you in the Manchester United players' lounge – although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy."

She continued: "While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family. (He's not even in the first team at this stage – you are the famous one.) And he has such a cute smile. You, too, are close to your family, and you will think how similar he feels to you,"

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On Celebrating Each Other

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"... You deserve to be spoilt by your husband and our gorgeous children," David wrote, posting a photo of the couple beneath the words "loving you more" on Instagram, in honor of Victoria's birthday. "In 42 years you have been able to achieve so much and it feels you are only just starting ... Happy birthday we love you."

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On Having Strong Family Values

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"We're a strong family unit. We've got strong parents," PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive told BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. "We were brought up with the right values."

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On the 'Work' Marriage Requires

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"Of course you make mistakes over the years, and we all know marriage is difficult at times," David revealed. "It's about working through it."

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On Her & Her Husband's Differences


"He likes things done a certain way, which is great because I leave a mess everywhere I go," Victoria told PEOPLE of her husband. "That's why we are good partners. I leave a mess and he tidies it up."

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On the Importance of a Strong Support System

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"Running a business, my work with UNAIDS and most importantly, being a mum, wouldn't be possible without David," she said of her former soccer player husband, while accepting her Glamour Women of the Year Award. "Not only is he the most incredible father, but he's supportive and someone who loves and inspires me every single day."

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On Finding Time For One Another

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"We always make time for each other as a couple and as a family. David and I have nothing to prove," the designer told Grazia. "We love each other, look out for each other and are strong as both partners and parents."

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On Working Through Issues

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"We know each other better than anybody. People have talked about, 'Do we stay together because it's a brand?' Of course not. We stay together because we love each other, because we have four amazing children," David said in an interview. "Do you go through tough times? Of course. That's part of relationships. It's part of marriages. It's part of having children. It's part of having responsibilities."

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On Setting a Good Example for Their Kids

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"David and I both have a strong work ethic and I believe that's a good example to set our children," Victoria revealed. "David and I explain to the children what privileged lives they lead. We tell them that in many places in the world children are hungry, homeless and sick. They all understand how important it is to help others. Romeo ran the children's marathon earlier this year and raised an amazing amount of money through sponsorship, which he divided between David’s charity and UNAIDS."

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