David, Victoria Beckham Have a Third Son

The Real Madrid soccer player and former Spice Girl name their new arrival Cruz

British soccer superstar and sex symbol David Beckham and wife Victoria – formerly known as Posh Spice – welcomed their third son on Sunday, a boy named Cruz.

The mother, 30, and the 7-lb. baby are in “perfect health,” said Dr. Vidal Pelaez, head of the obstetrics and gynecology department at Madrid’s Hospital Ruber Internacional, where she gave birth, as planned, by Caesarean section, reports the Associated Press.

Cruz has two brothers: Brooklyn, 5, and Romeo, 2.

“He is beautiful,” Cruz’s father told reporters. “We found it hard this time, but we came up with a name that we both loved and stuck to it. He s got Victoria s nose and lips.”

As the Sunday Times of London noted, Cruz means “cross” in Spanish and is usually a last name, such as in the case of the actress Penelope Cruz.

Last April, the Beckhams made headlines when a former personal aide, Rebecca Loos, claimed she and David Beckham had had an affair. He dismissed the claim as “ludicrous” and “absurd.”

The Times also reports that David Beckham played for Real Madrid at home on Saturday, but they lost 2-0 against Athletic Bilbao.

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