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"People forget it is the scariest job out there," the comedian says

October 09, 2007 09:00 AM

David Spade was so moved by the shooting death of an Arizona police officer that he donated $25,000 to the man’s family.

The comedian and Scottsdale, Ariz., native, 43, said he was “hit out of the blue” by the tragedy – and the fact that Officer Nick Erfle had overcome cancer.

“It just struck me as such a rough situation just because cops in general get kind of a bad rap lately and people forget it is the scariest job out there,” Spade told the Associated Press Monday. “I’m from Arizona so I’m always a little aware of things that are going on there.”

Spade’s generosity has benefited his hometown before. He recently gave $15,000 to his alma mater, Saguaro High School.

This time, it took some persistence. “It was hard to get through. It took me a while. I finally got somebody at the bank’s voicemail and left a message,” Spade said. “I just thought I would throw something in the pile.”

Erfle, 33, was fatally shot Sept. 18 on a busy Phoenix street after attempting to arrest a man with an outstanding warrant. He leaves behind a wife and two sons, ages 5 and 3.

Spade has not spoken with family or friends of Erfle, but said he hopes Erfle’s wife is able to use the money for the funeral or any other expenses.

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