David Schwimmer Seeking the Right Girl to Please His Mom

Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni /Landov

Friends star David Schwimmer is ready to commit – especially if it’ll appease his mom.

“I could have a wife and family by now,” he admits in an interview with In Gear Magazine. “My mother asks me every other week, ‘Have you found a nice girlfriend?’ Now I have started to ask myself the same question.”

The problem? “I haven’t even come close to engagement,” he concedes. “There was one point when I thought I was getting close with Carla [Alapont, a Spanish actress], but again I had my priorities in the wrong place. I put work before my relationship, which I always seem to do.”

Although Schwimmer, 41, has had an active dating life, including some time with singer Natalie Imbruglia, he’s beginning to realize what it will take to make himself, and his mom, happy. “I keep on saying to myself that I must put my relationship first. I feel like I am more than ready, then something else comes up. I am struggling to make a commitment.”

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