David Lynch's Moo-ving Saga

Cows are all over New York these days — not real ones, but artistic fiberglass models, as part of a citywide art festival. Yet as freewheeling as the city generally is, the bovine sculpture fashioned by director David Lynch (“Twin Peaks,” “Blue Velvet”) was just too gruesome to join the cow round-up, reports The New York Times. It seems Lynch hacked off his Bossy’s head and shoved forks and knives into its back. He also sprayed parts of the cow with a reddish, blood-like substance. “I thought it was Charles Manson,” City Parks Commissioner Henry J. Stern told the Times. “I don’t know whether it’s shock art or schlock art.” He suggested Lynch “stick to his day job, making movies.” Lynch, disappointed by the city’s reaction, said: “Don’t you think when people tell you you’re allowed to do whatever you want as long as it’s not sexually X-rated that they should stand behind their word and show your cow?”

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