The former Van Halen singer and comedian Adam Carolla will fill the shock jock's shoes

By Todd Peterson
October 25, 2005 02:00 PM

David Lee Roth, the original frontman for heavy metal group Van Halen, is among the replacements that will be filling Howard Stern’s shoes when the raunchy shock jock leaves traditional radio at the end of the year, the Associated Press reports.

“You’ve built quite an empire here, and I’d like to think that they’ve saved it for the best guy,” Roth told Stern on his show Tuesday, reports. “It will be a very interesting adventure.”

Saying he’s “done was (he) needed to do” Stern said he’s looking forward to having more freedom on satellite radio. “I have to be free to do my type of comedy. I’m happy for you and I do wish you the best,” he told Roth.

Roth, however, isn’t Stern’s sole replacement. Infinity Broadcasting Corp., which controls Stern’s show in 27 markets, is hiring many people to take over for the self- proclaimed King of All Media in different cities.

Roth will be heard in many East Coast markets including New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. But Stern listeners in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Portland, Ore., and Las Vegas will hear instead comedian Adam Carolla, best known for his work on The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel and his current programs The Adam Carolla Project on TLC and Too Late With Adam Carolla on Comedy Central.

“When we set out to find a replacement for Howard Stern, we took the opportunity to cultivate a wide array of talent, from both in and out of the radio industry,” said Infinity CEO Joel Hollander on Tuesday.

Several Stern markets will hear the “Jack” format, which is an automated play list of hundreds of songs with no disc jockey, and in a dozen other cities listeners will get CNN Radio News, AP reports. In some Eastern and Midwestern cities Stern fans will hear Rover, an Ohio DJ, who is expanding his show.

Infinity also signed Penn Jillette, one half of the comedy-magic duo Penn & Teller, to be the host of a talk show in markets including New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

Stern is leaving Infinity in January for a much publicized move to satellite radio’s Sirius broadcasting.