September 21, 2009 01:30 PM

David Hasselhoff is doing well after a 911 call and a trip to the hospital Sunday.

“This was all a misunderstanding,” Hasselhoff’s attorney Mel Goldsman tells PEOPLE. “David was being treated for an inner ear infection and had a bad reaction to his medication over the weekend. He lost his equilibrium and it left him dizzy. This was not an alcohol relapse. David was taken to Encino Hospital on Sunday and released within the hour. He’s fine now and looking forward to doing his jury duty this week.”

Los Angeles City Fire department spokesman Devin Gales confirmed they were called to Hasselhoff’s Encino, Calif. home Sunday afternoon.

“We were summoned there for an unspecified request for medical aid,” Gales said. “At least one person at that residence was transported to a local hospital.” reported that 911 was called because Hasselhoff’s daughter became alarmed that he was drinking to excess.

A recovering alcoholic, Hasselhoff, 57, was briefly hospitalized four months ago after a relapse.

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