His ex-wife may visit their daughters on alternate weekends, his lawyer says


David Hasselhoff was awarded primary custody of his two daughters on Friday, his attorney tells PEOPLE.

Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas ruled that Hasselhoff’s ex-wife, Pamela Bach, could visit the teen-aged girls on alternate weekends and on Wednesday nights for dinner, says lawyer Melvin S. Goldsman.

“If, down the road, the kids are comfortable seeing her more, Mr. Hasselhoff has said he will let his children see their mother as often as they want to,” Goldsman says.

The decision marked a dramatic turnaround for the actor, who had been blocked temporarily from seeing Taylor-Ann, 17, and Hayley, 14, after a drunken video of the actor surfaced in May. Hasselhoff regained his parental rights when he agreed to alcohol testing, sources say.

The former Baywatch star and now a judge on America’s Got Talent left the courtroom smiling, telling reporters it was “a beautiful day to go to the beach.”

“The judge said today, ‘Enough – enough is enough, these children have been through enough,'” Hasselhoff said.

Bach didn’t comment, but was seen crying in the courthouse hallway.

Hasselhoff, 54, filed for divorce from Bach, 42, in January 2006 after 16 years of marriage; she filed her own divorce claim the following day. The former couple have battled over finances and custody of their daughters ever since.
Reporting by Howard Breuer