Duncan Jones says claims that his father's ashes were scattered at Burning Man are "not true" and "kind of a gross claim"

By Stephanie Petit
September 12, 2016 10:35 AM

David Bowie‘s son denies that a portion of his father’s ashes were scattered at Burning Man.

After multiple news sources reported that the singer’s godchild was given permission from Bowie’s wife Iman to take a portion of his ashes to the Nevada festival, Duncan Jones claims the reports are bogus.

Jones, 45, tweeted on Monday, “That Burning Man thing? What people will do & say for attention never ceases to amaze me. Not true. Kind of a gross claim as well. *sigh*”

He added that if his father wanted his ashes spread in public, it would be at Skegness Butlins, a resort in Lincolnshire, England.

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E! News reported that the legendary performer was honored with a ceremony at the Temple, a structure erected for Burning Man attendees to memorialize their loved ones which is burned down at the end of the week-long event.

A source told E!, “We played [David’s] music the entire drive from our camp to the Temple and back,” adding, “Most of us had the Bowie [lightning bolt] face paint on in his honor.”

Bowie died of cancer in January at age 69.

Jones, the son of the music legend and model Angie Bowie, welcomed his first child, son Stenton David, in July. He had previously praised Lorde‘s tribute performance to his father at the Brit Awards.

The emotional tribute kicked off with a spotlight in the midst of an empty stage as the opening lines of Bowie’s “Space Oddity” recording played in the background. Members of the late legend’s backing band from his 2003 A Reality Tour also played a medley of Bowie’s hits before Lorde joined them on the red lit stage.

“Finally found the links to tonight’s Brits. Just… beautiful. Thank you,” Jones tweeted following the awards broadcast.