David Beckham Jokes About His Instagram Rivalry with Son Brooklyn: 'I'm Literally Known as Brooklyn's Dad Now'

The soccer star trolls his son's Instagram account with silly comments and cameos

Photo: John Peters/Man Ut/ Getty

There’s nothing wrong with a little father-son rivalry!

While visiting the Graham Norton Show this week, David Beckham opened up about the hilarious Instagram rivalry he has going with his 16-year-old son Brooklyn.

Norton pointed out that on a selfie Brooklyn recently posted, in which he is “rocking the old school Ralph Lauren,” Beckham, 40, simply commented, “That’s my jumper.”


“It was my jumper so I had to tell him!” Beckham explains. “I do find him going in my wardrobe – even though he doesn’t think I’m a cool dad, I still find him wearing my clothes every single day.”

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Norton also brings up another instance of PEOPLE’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive‘s trolling his teenage son.

In a video from earlier this year, Brooklyn is thanking his fans for getting him to one million Instagram followers when his dad pops his head into the frame and one-ups Brooklyn with, “I’ve got 52!”

“We were literally just about to walk out the door and I could hear him talking in his room and then I heard him say, you know, ‘I’ve just reached a million,” so …” Beckham tells Norton. “To be honest, when we’re out, he gets recognized so much that I’m literally known as Brooklyn’s dad now.”

“Yeah, no one’s buying that,” Norton says to the global superstar.

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