He may pal around with Tom Cruise, but the soccer stars swears he has no plans to become an actor

By Pete Norman
Updated October 27, 2008 09:40 AM

Although he lives in Beverly Hills and watches movies at home with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the soccer-star-turned-model swears he has no plans to join them on the big screen.

Asked if he hopes to develop a film career, the fashion fan recently issued an emphatic denial. “What film career? I haven’t got one,” Beckham told the December issue of British GQ. “Never say never, except about that! And that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

Still, that doesn’t stop 33-year-old from mingling with famous friends like Cruise. “He came round for dinner a few weeks ago,” said Beckham. “But it’s the same with him. We just go round and watch a film. It’s not a big deal, it’s just popping round to watch a film or to mess around and play with the kids.”

The Brit also dismissed claims that Cruise has tried to convert him or his wife Victoria.

“I respect any person’s religion. Everybody’s got their own ideas,” said Beckham. “And, of course, Tom is a big believer in Scientology, but he’s never pushed anything on to us about it and he never will do. Friends don’t do that.”

His L.A. Galaxy soccer team has failed to make the playoffs and will not take the field again until next March. During the lay-off, Beckham will reportedly play for Italy’s AC Milan. But, he insists, America is still his home.

“We’re happy here at the moment, that’s the biggest thing,” he explained. “When your family are happy, that’s all you can ask for.”