But Brooklyn had a different take on who won

By Adam Carlson
Updated October 18, 2015 01:20 PM
Credit: Courtesy David Beckham

David Beckham isn’t just teaching his son Brooklyn a thing or two about soccer: Sundays in their house now include playful wrestling matches.

But who won? Depends on who you ask.

“Just a normal Sunday in the Beckham household .. Master Brooklyn trying to take on 40-year-old dad and losing again,” Beckham captioned a photo on Instagram of the two, his son in a headlock, adding, “#dontmesswithdad #nexttimeson.”

Brooklyn, 16, had another take, posting a photo Sunday that shows a reverse moment, with his dad in a headlock.

“In your dreams dad,” he wrote. (No word on if he shared his Instagram tips.)

Brooklyn recently joined his dad on the soccer field, along with One Direction‘s Harry Styles.

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Beckham posted a photo Friday from the star-studded “kick around with mates,” in preparation for an upcoming charity match.