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Credit: Jesse Grant/WireImage

David Arquette headed far west of Hollywood early Tuesday morning to help those in need.

The actor made his way to St. Joseph’s Center for the launch of‘s “It’s All Good” charity program, where families were able to collect food.

“David was very hands on and even jumped to the back of the delivery truck and helped unload four huge palettes of baby food,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “When the families came to the pantry, David lit up with excitement, handing out the baby food. He was overheard talking about how important it is to give back to your local community and shared his own personal anecdotes about how growing up, at times, food supply was short.”

Throughout the day, Arquette, who the source said, “seemed healthy and in good spirits,” also mentioned that he brings his daughter Coco to the center to help at times, too.
– Melody Chiu