Dave's Good Deeds

David Letterman’s heart problem has yielded the American Heart Association a $7,000 donation from Dave’s Internet fans and CBS. “We thought about sending flowers or taking out a get-well ad in the paper,” said Helen Read, who helped coordinate the fundraising effort at alt.fan.letterman, “but we finally decided that one of the most meaningful things we could do would be to contribute to the American Heart Association.” The site raised $2,300. CBS made up the $4,700 difference. In addition, Dave himself is kicking in proceeds from the sales of the “Official Dave Letterman Bypass T-shirt” to the cause. The shirts were given to audience members who attended his big Feb. 21 return to the air after he recovered sufficiently from his Jan. 14 quintuple heart bypass procedure. The T is now available to the public at http://www.wpsuperstore.com.

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