The Nerve star enlists his fiancée Alison Brie, brother James and costar Emma Roberts to belt out their favorite tunes

By Maya Anderman
July 22, 2016 04:25 PM
Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage

It doesn’t get much better than Dave Franco belting out Backstreet Boys in the middle of a New York City Apple Store.

To promote his new film Nerve, the 31-year-old posed a perky challenge to friends and fans: daring people to “find their nerve” (using #FindYourNerve on social media) and record themselves singing in public.

The actor kicked off the challenge by singing the Backstreet Boys classic “I Want It That Way” – in the middle of an Apple store in Soho.

“The whole thing is fun, it’s about encouraging people to get out of their shell a little bit,” Franco tells PEOPLE at San Diego Comic-Con. “We want it to catch on and see where it goes.”

The actor also brought onboard brother James Franco, who went more mainstream by singing Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry” while throwing in a few hip swivels as well.

He even convinced fiancée Alison Brie to participate. The Mad Men actress, 33, showed some Whitney Houston love by singing “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” in the middle of a grocery store. “My man is calling ME OUT!!” she writes in a tweet.

His Neighbors costar Christopher Mintz-Plasse also cut a track, testing out his pipes on Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” which he shared in an Instagram video.

Franco and Nerve costar Emma Roberts soon realized, however, that it takes quite a lot to shock someone in New York City.

“No one looked up!” Roberts recalls to PEOPLE, noting how unfazed people were by the public sing-off. “It was actually more awkward that no one was paying attention. If people had been staring at us and laughing, it would have been less awkward than the fact that they were just reading the newspaper,” she says.

For her dare, Roberts took on a Spice Girls favorite, singing “Wannabe” in the middle of a subway car.

“What was funny on the subway car, those who did pay attention, their first instinct was to pull out their phones and video it,” she adds.

“When you’re in New York and you’re doing something crazy, no one even bats an eyelash,” Franco said during an appearance earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“There’s so many bizarre things happening every day in New York. They just don’t care,” he says.

Nerve hits theaters July 27.

With reporting by KARA WARNER