The Grammy-nominated band courts new voters with a cover of Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time"

By Jessica Gold Haralson
August 18, 2008 10:00 AM

Democrat? Republican? No matter what political party you belong to, Chris Daughtry’s message is the same this election season: Vote!

Now, to help spread the word, the American Idol alum and his eponymous band have re-recorded Foreigner’s 1977 hit “Feels Like the First Time.”

“Celebrities promoting causes is a long-time tradition and, for some reason, people tend to listen,” the frontman – who recorded the track conjunction with CNN’s League of First Time Voters initiative – told PEOPLE. “We think it’s really cool we’ve been given this platform and we hope to reach out to voters under 30.”

Next up, Daughtry will perform the song at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

When asked about the band’s political beliefs, Daughtry was thoroughly bipartisan: “I’m not here to push my political beliefs on anyone. We’re equal-opportunity employers!”

The music video – which features footage from both the Barack Obama and John McCain campaigns – premiered Sunday night on and will make its TV debut Monday on Campbell Brown: Election Center. The single will also appear on Daughtry Deluxe, a re-release of the band’s debut album (out Sept. 9).