"She was just so full of life, it reminded me very much of myself," said Brittany Brown

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 13, 2016 03:40 PM
Credit: Source: WLBT

“When I first heard her voice I was like, ‘She sounds just as … I imagined her sounding like,’ and then she was just so full of life it reminded me very much of myself,” Brown told Mississippi News Now.

LeShundra Washington, 40, Brown’s birth mother, had been searching for Brown for years, but under the name she gave the baby girl at birth: Jazzmen Zerrelle Washington. Meanwhile, a year ago Brown received her adoption papers that only listed her mother’s first initial and last name.

“When I received the records everything was blacked out and I couldn’t see anything. I kinda gave up at that point,” Brown, 24, told Wave 3 News.

Brown’s boss learned of her search, then found a woman named Leshundra Washington on Facebook.

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“I was like she kinda looks like me but that’s not my mother because her information, to my knowledge, didn’t match based off of where I was born and where she was living. So I just went on,” Brown told Wave 3.

But her boss discovered she had a faint connect with the woman and sent her a message. That got the ball rolling quickly.

“In a matter of 2 hours, I was headed from the Mississippi Delta to meet my mother,” Brown told Wave 3.

Washington was told she’d won a free photo shoot, which made the reunion a complete surprise, one that went live on Facebook as it was happening.

“It feels natural. It feels normal. I mean it’s like I said like a puzzle piece, just like somebody came along and finally put that piece that was missing,” Washington told Mississippi News Now.