Kim Basinger's brother says it was "a misunderstanding. No one was trying to embarrass anybody"

By Lisa Ingrassia and Bob Meadows
February 13, 2010 07:20 PM
Credit: Paul Hawthorne/Getty

Ireland Baldwin couldn’t reach her father Alec Baldwin, so the worried teen dialed 911, her uncle, Don “Skip” Basinger, tells PEOPLE.

The 14-year-old was in L.A. and her father was at his Manhattan apartment when they quarreled by phone on Feb. 11, according to Basinger, the brother of Alec’s ex Kim Basinger.

“Ireland was talking to her dad and they got into an argument,” says Skip Basinger. “He got upset. She tried to call him back and she couldn’t reach him, so she called 911.”

Alec Baldwin was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital before being released just hours later. A source tells AP that he had threatened to take pills.

Basinger didn’t know whether Ireland was worried Baldwin would harm himself.

“It was a simple little thing, a misunderstanding,” Basinger says about his niece’s decision to call for help. Baldwin and Ireland “talk all the time,” he says.

“Ireland calls him, he calls her. Ireland loves her dad. But kids and their dads are always arguing. Have you ever tried to raise a [teenager?]

He says Baldwin has better control of his famous temper. “After the incident with the voicemail, he learned to restrain himself.”
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