New York Yankee outfielder Darryl Strawberry has been charged in Tampa, Fla., with possession of cocaine and soliciting a prostitute. Strawberry offered an undercover officer $50 for sex, Tampa police said after Wednesday night’s arrest a few miles from the team’s training complex. A search turned up 0.3 grams of cocaine wrapped in a $20 bill inside Strawberry’s wallet, police said. He was booked and released on $6,000 bond early today.

  • The 37-year-old outfielder, an eight-time All-Star, has been working himself back into shape following colon cancer surgery last Oct. 3. Only yesterday he said in a TV interview that he hoped to rejoin the Yankees next week, now that he has finished his chemotherapy treatment.

  • Strawberry’s list of substance abuse problems is lengthy. Major league baseball suspended him for 60 days in 1995 after he tested positive for cocaine. The previous year he entered the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., and spent four weeks undergoing treatment for a substance abuse problem.