May 13, 2015 07:15 PM

Darius Rucker turned 49 on Wednesday. Rather than unwrapping presents himself, he was giving them – specifically surprising a veteran with a new house on a Today show segment with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford.

Before Rucker crossed over to country, he was, of course, the frontman for Hootie & The Blowfish. To mark the musician’s big day, Scoop opened the vaults to search for some classic Hootie footage – and we’ve found a gem.

When Rucker wasn’t busy rocking out and climbing the charts, he was advocating for children’s safety with another very familiar (furry) face.

Hootie & The Blowfish appeared on Sesame Street to perform a duet of the band’s 1994 song “Hold My Hand” with none other than Sesame Street favorite Elmo.

The throwback tune’s lyrics: “Hold Elmo’s hand, when you cross the street / At the corner and look both ways / You can count on me ’cause I’m gonna help you, the best that, the best that I can…”

It’s catchy! A big thank you to the birthday boy for getting this song stuck in our heads all day.

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