3 Things to Know About Kate Hudson's New Man Danny Fujikawa

The actress was spotted kissing the musician while out in Los Angeles on Sunday

Kate Hudson seems to have a new man in her life — she and musician Danny Fujikawa were spotted kissing.

In photos taken Sunday in Los Angeles, the actress, 37, is seen embracing Fujikawa as he leans in for a smooch while inside a smoothie shop. “Kate had his arms around him and they kissed,” a source previously told PEOPLE. “They definitely looked like more than friends.” (The pair was also spotted heading back to Hudson’s house after grabbing lunch together at Cafe Vida.)

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Here are three things to know about Hudson’s potential new man:

1. He is the founder of Lightwave Records.

Fujikawa and The Delta Mirror front man, Chris Acosta, started Lightwave Records in 2013 “as a way to release their music on their own terms,” according to the label’s Facebook page. Since its inception, Lightwave Records has released an album from The Delta Mirror, along with multiple records, including Fujikawa’s first solo record, Cellophane Castles, from his project swiiim.

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2. He was a singer-guitarist for the now defunct L.A. band, Chief.

Formed in Santa Monica, Calif., Fujikawa performed around the L.A. music scene alongside his brother, Michael, who played the drums, lead singer, Evan Koga and bassist, Mike Moonves, according to the New York Times. The band’s first album Modern Rituals debuted in 2010. ““It’s a traveler’s record. I listen and it immediately feels natural to see myself driving down the Pacific Coast Highway,” Fujikawa told Domino USA. “But at the same time, maybe it would feel the same way if I were walking through New York.”

3. He attended New York University.

Before starting his career as a musician, Fujikawa went to school on the East Coast along with his Chief bandmates, according to Domino USA. It was there in the Big Apple that the four men started to collaborate on projects.

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