The actor only finds out he's getting married when the wedding planner calls him
Credit: Courtesy Danny Bonaduce

For three years, Danny Bonaduce had promised Amy Railsback that he would marry her anytime and that he had even bought her a ring, but he wanted her to take care of the paperwork.

Then last November then phone rang.

“The wedding planner from the hotel called to speak with Amy and told me I was getting married! Bonaduce, 51, tells PEOPLE. I said, Honey you got something to tell me? Then I thought about it, and said, This is a great idea!

The Partridge Family star and Railsback, 28, a former substitute teacher from Sacramento who is now his manager, were married Nov. 22 in a private ceremony in Maui.

It was a sunset ceremony at picturesque Plumeria Point, with just a wedding coordinator and minister on hand. Railsback says she picked out the garden spot because the backdrop was the ocean and islands

I was going to tell him, she says. It was an unintentional surprise.

The bride wore an off-white crochet dress and Bonaduce wore cream colored slacks, a shirt and lei. After the ceremony, they went for a walk on the beach and then had a Hawaiian dinner at the hotel – marinated tuna, sashimi, and a Spam California roll that was sent over by a pal, Shane Victorino, a friend and a Philadelphia Phillies baseball player staying at the same hotel.

And the ring the actor had picked out? It was a $400 a sterling silver diamond crusted skull and crossbones.

“It s our insignia, he says, and I have a similar one.” Railsback also received a Scott Kay 1¼ carat white gold setting.

Says the new Mrs. Bonaduce: Danny realized I might not want to wear a skull and crossbones every day.”