The Harry Potter star stepped out for a hand-in-hand stroll with his girlfriend

By Rennie Dyball
August 18, 2011 01:00 PM

The Harry Potter series may be history, but Daniel Radcliffe is starring in a new love story of his own.

The actor, 22, was spotted walking hand-in-hand with a girlfriend in New York City Tuesday. He recently told Larry King that he’s in a serious relationship, though he didn’t name his leading lady.

“I’ve got a girlfriend at the moment, who I am very much in love with,” Radcliffe told the talk show host in July. “So you know, we’ll see where that goes.”

So who is the new leading lady? Her name has yet to be revealed, but she’s clearly happy to go casual right along with her movie star beau, wearing a tank, leggings and flip-flops on their stroll.

Radcliffe was previously photographed with Olive Uniacke, his near-constant companion in 2010, who is the stepdaughter of the producer of the Harry Potter movies.