Daniel Radcliffe: 'I Don't Know How to Deal' with Crying Teenage Girls

The actor says he's just a normal guy who doesn't know how to react to fans (especially when they're overwhelmed)

Photo: Tatijana Shoan

Daniel Radcliffe says he’s just a regular guy.

“I hope one of the things that surprises people when they meet me is that I am really quite normal,” the Harry Potter star tells As If magazine in its latest issue.

“At least I think I am! We’ve all got our idiosyncrasies and bits of insanity, but I don’t think I’m an obnoxious dick, and I think some have that perception of people who’ve grown up in the spotlight,” he says. “I obviously know that my experience isn’t the same as everybody else’s, but when I talk to people, I don’t feel separate from them in any way.”

Radcliffe, 25, says he tries to work against the image of the narcissistic movie star.

“I try to counteract that, because the aura of fame is bulls—. People who enjoy being treated differently and revel in the attention that others give them are generally people I don’t like very much,” he says.

“But there have been times when I’ve met someone, and it’s been awkward, and I don’t know why, and someone will say to me, ‘Daniel, they were nervous to meet you!’ Of course, that thought never entered my head!”

The actor further admits that meeting excited fans can sometimes overwhelm him.

“The worst is when people cry,” he says. “It’s an awful feeling, particularly when they are 13 or 14-year-old girls. I feel horrible that they’re crying. It’s not worth crying about. Please! They are mostly crying out of excitement, but I still don’t know how to deal with that.”

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