Daniel Radcliffe Calls Emma Watson an 'Animal'

Her passionate kiss "ambushed" the 21-year-old Harry Potter star, he says

Photo: Jonathan Short/LFI

Who knew Daniel Radcliffe liked to kiss ‘n’ tell? Or that Emma Watson was so, er, passionate?

Discussing their screen smooch, Radcliffe, 21, told ITV’s Daybreak morning show in the U.K. on Wednesday – promoting his and Watson’s movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which opens in the U.S. Nov 19 – that her lip-lock “ambushed” him, and that was something he clearly wasn’t expecting.

“I always thought it was going to be this soft sensual sort of moment, and suddenly there was this vigorous kissing happening to me,” he confessed.

But wait. There’s more.

Describing his costar, 20, Radcliffe said: “She is a bit of an animal But then, I’m not complaining. There are tens of thousands of men that would cut off limbs to be in that position.”

When the kiss was filmed, fellow costar “Rupert [Grint] actually had to leave [the] set, because he was laughing that much.”

This installment of the successful movie series also shows the characters older, and maybe even wiser.

“It’s very different,” says Radcliffe. “There s no Hogwarts, there’s no school uniforms, thank god, because I have spent the last six years of my life trying to chat up women wearing a school uniform – it’s terrible.”

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