'Dancing' 's Julianne Hough Postpones Her Wedding

Apolo Ohno's partner and her boyfriend are taking time before getting married

Julianne Hough is a master at the quickstep on Dancing with the Stars – but she’s taking her romance slow.

Hough, 18, who is Apolo Ohno’s partner on the reality show, has postponed her planned Aug. 8 wedding to former dancer Zach Wilson.

So does that mean she’s free to date (say … a certain sexy speed skater)? “No!” Hough tells PEOPLE. “[Zach and I] are still together. We just want [more time] before we get married. It’s all good!”

The couple had planned to tie the knot in Mormon ceremony in Utah this summer. But Hough says she’s so busy with the show that they decided to take some time.

For now, Hough is concentrating on Dancing as the competition heats up. After Billy Ray Cyrus was booted from the show on Tuesday, Hough wiped away tears and said: “It gets harder as all these people leave.”

The end of the engagement was first reported by TV’s Extra.

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