Chelsea Kane Blog: Down to the Wire and Under Pressure

The final contestants have three dances – and Chelsea and Mark hit lots of hurdles on the way

Photo: Courtesy Chelsea Kane

“Dun, dada dun, dada dun, dun. Dun, dada dun, dada dun, dun. Pressure, pushing down on me ” David Bowie’s famous tune has been on repeat in my head this week.

After the elation of two 10s glistening up at me from the judges’ paddles and surviving another week (thanks to the overwhelming efforts of Team Kanenballers), I woke up on Wednesday with renewed energy, ready to charge into the battle of the semi-finals.

I decided to have four large pizzas sent to the studio to celebrate, which unfortunately sent Mark Ballas and me into a massive food coma. And this week, Mark needs to create not one, but three dances to wow our viewing audience. Though we still put in our allotted hours, my partner and I left that night without even a segment of a routine under our belts.

Wednesday: Lose an entire day of valuable rehearsal time. CHECK.

After a good night’s sleep, Mark and I were raring to go. In the first hour of rehearsal, Mark had the routine down and, because he had created it, could not fathom why I wasn’t able to learn it after one run-through. Yes, Mark, I do realize we have two other dances to learn. Yes, Mark, I know we’re losing our dance studio in a few minutes. Yes, Mark, I wish you hadn’t jinxed me by reporting that I was your only partner who hadn’t cried.

Thursday: Spend precious rehearsal time crying in the bathroom. CHECK.

The next day went better, step-wise. I was finally catching on and it was a thrill to move around the room to one of my favorite tunes. But my joy was short-lived. A producer enters the room to tell us they can’t get the rights to the song for which we have learned our routine. Back to square one.

Friday: Call my mom to bring cortisone cream and medication to treat the hives that are beginning to appear on my chest. CHECK.

As I write this, Kym Johnson is in the hospital after an unfortunate accident in her rehearsal with Hines Ward. I am so relieved to hear that she is okay. And it was a much-needed reminder that my week’s mishaps are only minor inconveniences compared to her serious injury scare.

I am grateful to be writing another blog because it means that I am still a Dancing with the Stars participant. I have to pinch myself to believe I am one of four semi-finalists in a group that includes idols Hines Ward, Kirstie Alley and Ralph Macchio.

Doing three dance numbers ….

One of which I have not learned yet …

“Under Pressure. Dun, dada dun, dada dun, dun .”

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