Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

You can take the girl off of the dance floor but you can’t take the dance floor away from Amy Purdy!

Purdy, the Paralympian snowboarder who came in second in season 18 of Dancing with the Stars, will dance the samba during the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio.

Her five-minute solo, taking place at Maracana Stadium, will introduce a new technological difference than her previous routines on DWTS.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Purdy said she’d be wearing high-tech running blades to make her movements seem more fluid.

“They’re made to propel you forward, but you can’t really stop that whole time, ’cause they store energy,” she said. “But once I mastered it, I found myself with more movement in my blades.”

Her performance on Sept. 7 will also feature the return of her swiveling hips.

“It’s very sexy, but not at all in a raunchy way,” she said. “The type of samba I’m doing is all about confidence and charm. You allow yourself to feel very feminine and charming, in how you hold yourself, with your shoulders back and your chest high, but your arms are relaxed.”

Purdy will also dance with a KUKA robotic arm and take a quick break to switch out her running blades for a different prosthetic.

This routine will be Purdy’s longest to date. Her routines on DWTS were only 90 seconds long. Her snowboarding runs are also closer to a minute long.

“I guess I’m always up for a challenge,” she said.

Purdy will begin training for snowboarding season after leaving Rio.