This will be the first child for the Dancing with the Stars fan favorite and wife Lisa

Dancing with the Stars season-one breakout star John O’Hurley and his wife, Lisa, are expecting a baby.

The child, which is due in December, will be the first for the 51-year-old actor and the former Lisa Mesloh, 34, a marketing-company owner. “This is going to be the most extraordinary experience,” O’Hurley tells PEOPLE.

The news may have O’Hurley hopping on the furniture: In December, he told PEOPLE, “Finding out my wife was pregnant would make me jump (on a couch). We’ve only been married a year and a half, and our next step is to have a child.”

The couple wed on Aug. 14, 2004, at Santa Barbara’s Bacara resort, and hoped for a baby from the start. After the wedding, O’Hurley told PEOPLE, “I’m convinced it’ll be a girl. We’re going to name her Annie.” And if it’s a boy? Vowed O’Hurley, who played catalog king J. Peterman on Seinfeld: “We’re going to name him Neiman Marcus!”

O’Hurley came in second to General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco in last year’s Dancing with the Stars – but later won a viewer-decided rematch. He joined the cast of Broadway’s Chicago in January.

In November, O’Hurley told PEOPLE that starring on the show added spice to his marriage: “My wife thinks I’m a rock star! It’s brought so much joy to our lives. I know when we’re 80, we’ll be that couple on the cruise ship with this neat little fox trot, and it will be as smooth and as elegant as the first time we did it.”