In a new video from choreographer David Moore, a group of male performers ride on hoverboards while dancing to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?"

Bucket hats and hoverboards – no wonder choreographer David Moore’s hoverboard dance cover of Justin Bieber‘s huge single “What Do You Mean?” got the singer’s stamp of approval.

In the YouTube clip, also directed and filmed by Moore, a crew of five dancers rode on the trendy skateboard-like contraptions throughout Fat Eye Studios in Los Angeles.

Clad in Bieber-esque ensembles of ripped skinny jeans and oversized shirts, the group scooted around in-sync while pulling off impressive turns.

The dancers briefly dismounted for a dance break before returning to the boards.

The video’s already received the 21-year-old’s endorsement. Bieber tweeted a link to the clip with, simply, “Dope.”

Exclusive Details on Justin Bieber’s New Single ‘What Do You Mean’

Bieber’s definitely a big fan of skateboarding. In the lyric video for the single, the pop star scoots around alongside professional Ryan Sheckler.

He’s also familiar with hoverboards, having previously shared a video of himself wiping out while trying to manage the gadget.