By Julie Jordan
Updated September 19, 2003 10:40 AM

It’s been a busy month for Cuban-born TV personality Daisy Fuentes. The former MTV veejay recently hosted the Hispanic Heritage Awards at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., served as a presenter at the Latin Grammy Awards in Miami and appeared in a sexy cover spread for Stuff magazine, all while charging along with her own series – the fashion, travel and design series Styleworld, airing on the Women’s Entertainment network.

Things won’t be slowing down anytime soon. She’s also getting ready to marry her live-in boyfriend, sexy British singer Matt Goss. Fuentes, 36, recently talked to PEOPLE about dealing with her fiancé’s groupies and her fashion past in the malls of New Jersey.

You got engaged on your 36th birthday last Nov. 17. Will the wedding be on your 37th birthday?
Hopefully sometime soon after that. We’re just trying to coordinate schedules. It’s going to be a small wedding. Nothing really big and fancy, so it will be easy to put together. There’s no big rush – we’re living together.

You met at Wayne’s World star Tia Carrere’s divorce party?
Yes, she was having like a divorce/housewarming party.

Were your friends trying to introduce you two?
They were actually trying to arrange a meeting between him and another friend of mine. It was a hookup that just went dreadfully wrong. They did not like each other. We just ended up talking by the end of the night, and we’ve been together ever since.

Did you have to play any games to get him to propose?
No, I was asked fair and square.

Do you go on tour with Matt?
Yeah, whenever I can. I catch up with him often. So we’re back and forth from London to L.A. a lot.

Are his groupies aware that you’re his fiancée?
Oh, they don’t care. I could be the Queen of England. They would not care. I was surprised to still see underwear being thrown up onstage, I have to say.

Underwear or thongs?
Both. Some of them were quite large. Some of them were cute and small. There was also a little bit of flashing going on. This was about a month ago in London.

Have you ever felt the need to step in when his groupies have gotten out of hand?
No, he’s mine. I am as much of a jealous girlfriend as any other girlfriend. You protect what’s yours. However, the one time that I share him is when he’s up on that stage. He’s a good guy. So I don’t really have to worry about anything.

You’ve said that growing up in New Jersey you always had the biggest hair and the longest nails.
I did. That’s pretty accurate. That whole “mall” culture of New Jersey really influenced me.

How were you able to overcome that to become the host of MTV’s House of Style and a Revlon model?
It wasn’t easy. I remember at the very beginning of my MTV years – I was 20, 21 – they would straighten my hair a little bit. Then the minute the producer and the stylist would leave the room I would take the teasing brush again and start teasing it and spraying. They would go, “What happened?” I was a little bit too hung up on the way we all looked in Jersey. It was hard for me to let go. But it didn’t take long, because I was introduced to a lot of different things.

Do your New Jersey styling tendencies ever overtake you at times now?
Like the big hair? Yeah, they come back now and then. I just go with it. Every now and then you just got to do the big hair. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing to be ashamed of. Whenever I’m in Miami I have to let it go natural and curly and really big. I’ll kick it up a notch and go, “Why the hell not?” I just go with it. Put a little hairspray in there – make it a little bit bigger than it should be. I can’t make it straight (in Miami) because of the humidity.

Anything in particular you’re into at the moment, fashion-wise?
At the moment I would say boots, great coats, and fishnet stockings.

You need a coat living in L.A.?
Oh, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t need to be cold to wear a coat. The good thing about L.A. is that you can whip out the coat at night. It’s a great fashion accessory. It just finishes any look. It’s so elegant. I have a few great coats. I have a great Gucci jacket. It’s got some leather and some fur. And I’ve got a great black clean crisp Alaia (coat) that still works every season. I’ve had it for years. It’s the kind of black, crisp coat that you can throw over anything.

Does Matt share your interest in style and fashion?
Yeah, he loves fashion. He truly is a best friend. I can go shopping with him. We can go get manicures and pedicures together. A lot of guys might think it’s a little too feminine, but it really is exactly the opposite. I think it’s sexy and romantic. And it’s totally fine and not weird at all. I think men should take care of themselves. I think you should know some grooming skills.