Pennsylvania Mom Shares Touching Photo of Husband Sleeping Under Son's Hospital Bed: 'He Would Do Anything for His Kids'

"I would have never imagined that it would have touched so many people," Amy Palmer wrote on Facebook

Photo: Courtesy Amy Palmer

After working a long shift, a Pennsylvania father proved he wasn’t too tired for his most important job – caring for his sick son.

“He works from 11 at night to 7 in the morning, and I expected him to go straight home,” Amy Palmer tells PEOPLE. “He was exhausted, but he’s such a good dad – so he came straight over to see his son.”

Amy was asleep in the only chair in the small room on Tuesday with her 20-month-old son AJ – who was admitted to the hospital after a bad asthma attack– when her husband Andre walked in.

“He didn’t want to wake me up,” says Amy, 33. “At about 8 in the morning, I saw him under the crib and I just had to take a picture of it.”

Amy posted the touching photo on Facebook, which has been liked over 3,700 times.

“This is a picture of a hard working man dedicated to his family!” she wrote about her husband, who works for a cardboard company.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Amy, who also has two daughters with Andre, went back on Facebook Thursday to update and thank everyone who reached out to them.

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“I appreciate all of the prayers and thoughts,” she wrote. “I took the picture because I thought what a selfless thing for my husband to do.”

Amy says her son is doing much better and he’s now recovering at home.

“He would do anything for his kids,” she says of her devoted husband. “He works hard for us and he’s always there for them.”

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