Here's Why You Don't Leave Dad Alone with the Baby (VIDEO)

Relax, the baby's fine; he just has some new eyebrows ... and a Van Dyke


This is what happens when you leave the baby with dad: You come back to find his evil twin.

Opole, Poland, resident Bartosz Férmanski, whose YouTube channel is perhaps ironically called “Perfect Daddy,” recently uploaded this video of his idea of babysitting – he stuck fake eyebrows and facial hair on his new kid, turning the infant into a kind of “Evil Spock” version of himself.

The kid looks to be having a blast, and so does Bartosz, for that matter – his giggling seems to set the baby off on their own adorable giggle fit, made considerably better by the new facial hair.

Dads: Refusing to let responsibility get in the way of a good visual gag since the dawn of time.

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