One Redditor's friend impersonated his infant daughter on a day care form, with amusing results

By Nate Jones
Updated January 10, 2014 05:00 PM
Credit: Courtesy JesadBellic

It’s a common enough tradition: A childcare facility gives parents a questionnaire about their baby, those parents fill it out in the voice of their child. (This reporter’s mother dutifully impersonated him for months during his infancy, a fact he only recently learned of while cleaning out an attic.) Now, one father of an 11-month-old girl has taken the practice and perfected it, with amusing results.

Redditor JesadBellic was friends with this particular father, who was given a standard informational form to fill out about his kid. But instead of racing through it in five minutes, the anonymous dad decided to take his sense of humor for a spin, lovingly mocking his baby’s foibles. The result is an amusing depiction of the cute frustrations that come along with caring for and living alongside a one-year-old. (As with a lot of Internet ephemera we’ll have to take his word it’s true, but unlike the Elon Gale hoax it’s unclear why anyone would make this up.)

Click above to see the full image, or read the highlights below:

My strengths are

• Obfuscation

• Playing One Parent off Against the Other

• Rapid Digestion

My interests are

• Food as Art/Clothing

• Long Yells at the Beach

• Exploring Parent’s [sic] Noses with Fingers

My goals are

• Unplug all power cords

• Overcome my fear of water on my head

• Open every drawer, everywhere

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