Dads are the worst, but also the best

By Alex Heigl
Updated February 16, 2016 02:50 PM

Ugh, dads. So embarrassing.

You know what’s more embarrassing than whatever your dad did to embarrass you when you grew up? Having your dad be waaaaaaay better at dancing then you are.

That’s the situation the Joneses found themselves in, when Mike’s two daughters decided to film their “Whip Whip/Nae Nae” routine.

“My kids do that kind of stuff all the time,” Jones told “I heard them and peeked out and saw my mother recording and came in behind them. We watched it and said it would be funny to share this for friends and family, but now it’s funny for people all over the world.”

Perhaps even more interesting, Jones is actually a professional wrestler with the Amory, Mississippi-based Outlaw Wrestling Organization (he wrestles under the name Studd).

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And his daughters have made their peace with it as well: “Their first reaction was they were mad and thought I ruined their video,” Jones explained. “I always jump in their videos, but once we posted it and their friends starting messaging them saying they saw them on the Internet, now it’s the greatest thing in the world.”