June 23, 1998 12:00 AM

Country singer LeAnn Rimes’s father, Wilbur Rimes, has launched a legal broadside against his 18-year-old daughter, who earlier this year sued him and her former manager, Lyle Walker, charging the men with swindling her out of more than $7 million. According to legal papers obtained by USA Today, Wilbur Rimes alleges that LeAnn totaled a $350,000 Bentley; became, at age 15, romantically involved with country singer Bryan White (then in his early 20s), a relationship White has denied for years; moved in with actor Andrew Keegan, 21, despite a family court order that she not co-habitate with unrelated adult males; paid Keegan’s mother to style LeAnn’s hair for $10,000 per appearance; purchased liquor with her credit card; and falsely stated took producer credit for her single “I Need You,” which Wilbur Rimes says he produced. The elder Rimes also accuses Keegan and his friend Robert Lavetta, a “personal trainer cum scriptwriter,” of trying to gain control of the singer’s finances. Calling her father’s document “full of false and misleading statements that are totally unrelated to this case,” LeAnn’s attorney, J. Cary Gray, told USA Today, “The only reason he could possibly have filed this lawsuit is to humiliate his daughter so much that she would let him get away with this outrageous behavior.”

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