Creative Dad Surprises His Kids by Dressing up as Life-Size 'Elf on the Shelf' in Hilarious Photos

When you stare at an Elf on the Shelf, an Elf on the Shelf stares back

Photo: Megan Wynberg/Facebook

Well, it’s Elf on the Shelf season again.

The holiday tradition, borne from the “cleverly rhymed” children’s book, has become a meme since its 2005 inception, rearing its head each holiday season.

And so now we have one of the more disturbing twists on the trend, via Megan Wynberg, whose husband Joe donned the bodysuit, makeup and eerily blank, staring eyes of the traditional Elf to assume the role of the family’s seasonally leering toy.

“So we finally caved and decided to do the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ thing,” Wynberg’s post reads. “The kids are going to be so surprised! We named our elf FLE and he will be in some pretty precarious spots over the next 24 days!”

Surprised, yes. Also terrified, maybe.

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