Cyndi Lauper on Aging and Life in the Spotlight: 'You Can't Live Your Whole Life Worrying About Staying Famous'

"If losing some fame means doing what you want, you gotta go with what you want," says Lauper

Photo: Jim Wright/AARP The Magazine

She’s a pop star, an author, a country singer and the composer of Kinky Boots (one of Broadway’s biggest hits) – and of course, the always outspoken Cyndi Lauper has a lot on her mind.

The “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” singer, 63, chatted with AARP The Magazine for their August/September issue and opened up about everything from the election to aging and the struggle to stay relevant in the business.

PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peak at her candid and wide-ranging interview. Take a look at some of the highlights below!

On the 2016 election:
“I’ll never tell people what to think, but I will beg them to think. Not to just blindly follow along.”

On her career and staying relevant:
“You can’t live your whole life worrying about staying famous. If losing some fame means doing what you want, you gotta go with what you want.”

On aging gracefully – and colorfully:
“I think I have reached an age when I can have pink hair if I want – or blue hair. But blue, it turns a little green, so right now I am going with the pink.”

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On her relationship with her mom:
“My mother has a little dementia. She lives in the present. The good thing is, I can talk to her and tell her stuff that I really shouldn’t tell anybody, and she’ll give me these wonderful words of wisdom that a mother does. But then, 10 minutes later she’ll forget.”

On having regrets:
“I was never smart about money like Prince. I wish I wasn’t taken advantage of so much.”

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