Cybill's Sizzler

Cybill Shepherd is telling all in her soon-to-be published memoir, “Cybill Disobedience.” Among the stories from the book already making the rounds are about her trysts with Elvis Presley, Don Johnson, Bruce Willis and two Hollywood stuntmen (with whom she romped simultaneously). Cybill elaborates on having “fun in Elvis’s bed — his kisses were so slow and deliberate, his skin so smooth.” It ended, she says, once he gave her pills — which she flushed down the toilet. The biggest revelation is that she and her “Moonlighting” costar Bruce Willis — who battled off the screen — initially got friendly at her house in a Laz-Z-Boy lounger shortly after they first met on the set. The session, though, was harried, brief and unfinished, she writes. Her liaison with Don Johnson, while they were making “The Long Hot Summer” for TV, was “fast, furious . . . (and) over in five minutes” — before he moved on to another woman, she reports. As for the two stuntmen, her biggest fear was that the National Enquirer would find out. Only now she’s told everyone herself.

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