YouTube for Moms? Superstar Mommy Blogger Mindy McKnight Shares How She's Become the Voice for Millennial Moms

Mindy McKnight is YouTube's most successful mommy blogger

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Mindy McKnight is a mom on a mission.

As one of the top 25 women – and number one mom – on YouTube, McKnight leads by example to all her 4.4 million subscribers as she balances parenting her six childrenBrooklyn, 16, Bailey, 16, Kamri, 13, Rylan, 11, Daxton, 7, and Paisley, 5 – with husband Shaun while being a successful entrepreneur.

“Moms, and women in general, are always looking for ways to make our daily schedules more efficient, budgets tighter, homes cleaner and family activities more fun,” McKnight, who got her YouTube start with Cute Girls Hairstyles, tells PEOPLE about why mom channels are the fastest-growing on the video-sharing platform right now.

“We are seeing now on YouTube what we saw around 2005 in the blogging community, which was a surge in mommy bloggers,” she continues. “Those bloggers became quite comfortable writing on blogs about family life, lifestyle and fashion, and cooking – talents they had never been able to easily share in such a way, previously.”

As a “one-stop-shop for everything mom,” McKnight’s YouTube channel Millennial Moms – which she produces content with a team of fellow moms – offers tips on everything from the best drugstore makeup and baby shower gift ideas to how to de-clutter your home and even minivan hacks.

“It took a lot of research and watching thousands of videos to get the group of women we have today,” she says. “I am a huge fan of the parenting hack videos, since we are always looking for ways to make our days more efficient. [But] I also love the humor in parenting, so the parody videos are a lot of fun. “Pinterest Fails” by Jinger and “How to Clean Your House FAST” are a few great examples.”

McKnight says that being able to live off her family’s YouTube channels provides “more time as a family doing things that we enjoy…we just sometimes turn on a camera while we’re doing it.”

“I started Cute Girls Hairstyles as a place to point the few moms who stopped to ask how I did my daughters’ hair when we were out. I never knew that so many moms were looking online for hairstyle ideas for their daughters,” she says.

As for other moms looking to get into the YouTube space: “One doesn’t need an expensive camera to get started,” she say. “Since today our smart phones have very good cameras in them.”

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