In honor of People's List, PEOPLE's new TV series premiering on June 11, we're rounding up the most memorable pet stories of the week

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated June 09, 2016 12:15 PM
Detroit Dog Rescue

There’s enough bad news in the world – which is obviously why we have dogs. They love us unconditionally, have the cutest little faces and star in some of the funniest, most adorable viral videos.

So in honor of People’s List, PEOPLE’s new ABC series premiering on June 11, we’ve put together a feel-good list of our own, of six pups that had us smiling this week. We promise you’re going to feel 100 percent better than you do right now after reading this article.

The American Bulldog Mix Who Literally Can’t Stop Smiling

American Bulldog mix Diggy might just be the happiest pooch around. He recently became an Internet sensation thanks to the wide smile that seems to be permanently etched on his face, according to pictures. “I just bought a new house and my girlfriend and I wanted a dog, so we went down to the rescue and fell in love with him,” owner Dan Tillery said in an interview. Looks like he hit the jackpot!

The German Shepherd Who’s as Sharp as Any Dentist

When 10-year-old Sidney Vasquez became fed up with a loose tooth that just wouldn’t budge, she and her family enlisted the help of their 5-year-old German shepherd, Pantur. The family tied floss around the pet’s collar, hooking the end of it around Sidney’s pesky tooth. “I was like, ‘Let’s just get this baby out already Let’s do it,’ ” Sidney tells CBS of letting the pooch run wild.

The Dachshund Duo that Shared a Super-Sweet Connection

After dachshunds Herbie and Hilda were rescued by Salem Dogs in Salem, Oregon, it was discovered that the dapple Herbie was visually impaired and that Hilda – who rarely left his side – acted as his seeing-eye dog. Due to the dogs’ strong bond, the local rescue decided the pair had to be adopted together – a request that went over well with John and Dorothy Sinnar. “I’d been Googling dachshunds and knew we wanted a rescue because we’d rescued [our last dog] from a puppy mill in La Pine years ago, and I somehow got onto a Salem site and saw Hilda and Herbie,” John Sinnar told the Statesman Journal. “I told Dorothy that ‘I think these are our dogs,’ and I knew immediately that we had to go see them.”

The African Boerboel Who Birthed 19 Puppies

Super mom! A 4-year-old Africal Boerboel recently gave birth to a whopping 19 puppies at the Auburn University College of Veterinarian Medicine; it’s believed to be the largest litter ever born at the school. While the world record still stands at 24 pups, we can’t help but be in “aww” of the big news.

The Pit Bull Who Serves as a Goodwill Ambassador of Sorts

Khalessi, a pit bull who now lives a happy life despite enduring unimaginable torture that resulted in losing half her face, is teaching middle school students in Tampa, Florida, about acceptance and inclusion. “I just think it’s amazing, and she’s happy and forgiving,” said one student who met Khalessi, who spends her time visiting schools all over the bay area. “I just think she’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever seen.”

A Poodle Who Broke a Guinness World Record

Three cheers for Sailor! After one year of training, the talented poodle took home the top prize for “fastest 10m on a walking globe by a dog.” “The greatest thing in life is making people happy and performing and making people laugh and that’s what Sailor does,” owner Alex Rothacker told Guinness, adding that when Sailor hears people laugh he gets excited because, “he knows he’s making people happy.”

People’s List premieres Saturday, June 11, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.