The Top Chef Masters host reveals the joys of raising a food-savvy kid and creating family trad tions
Credit: Roger Davies

Curtis Stone’s culinary routine has changed a lot since he became a dad.

For starters, in the morning, instead of heading straight for the coffeemaker, the Aussie chef’s first stop – around 5:30 a.m. – is his 14-month-old boy Hudson’s room. “We always have ‘brekkie’ together,” says Stone. “He loves sitting in the kitchen sink while I cut up different fruits.”

During the meal, Stone likes to teach his son some dance moves (“Gangnam Style” is currently their go-to song) while trying to broaden the boy’s palate. “Most mornings Hudson asks for an apple, but I’ll make sure they’re not always in sight, so he’ll try something else, like pears,” says Stone, who hosts Bravo’s Top Chef Masters. “I try to vary it every day. I can’t wait to keep teaching him more about food.”

The Hollywood home Stone, 37, shares with his son and fiancée, actress Lindsay Price, provides an ideal classroom. There are plenty of fun kitchen gadgets (although Hudson loves simply “mixing” with a bowl and stirrer), an outdoor pizza oven, lemon and fig trees, and a vegetable garden.

“Hudson and I spend a lot of time there,” says Stone. “The only problem is he never wants to leave, and occasionally he yanks out my gorgeous baby lettuces.”