Curtis Mayfield, 1942-1999

The man who gave “Superfly” his musical buzz is dead. Soul singer and songwriter Curtis Mayfield died in a hospital in Roswell, Ga., on Sunday at the age of 57. With hits that included “Gypsy Woman,” the gospel-tinged “People Get Ready” and the rallying cry “Keep On Pushing,” Mayfield “wanted people to think about themselves and the world around them, making this a better place for everyone to live,” said his longtime manager, Marv Heiman. The Grammy Legend Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee was paralyzed in a 1990 accident in which he was struck by a rig that toppled while he was on stage performing. Ever since that setback his health, already complicated by diabetes, deteriorated, but he never stopped writing music. (For other deaths, see PASSAGES.)

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