The former child star opens up about her addiction on her mom blog
Credit: Lee Cheery

Alisan Porter, the former actress who played the title role in Curly Sue as a child, has admitted to being an alcoholic.

But the good news is she’s been sober for nearly seven years.

Porter talked about her addiction on her blog Thursday and opened up about why she is coming forward now.

“I’ve waited a long time to write about my sobriety: it’s a touchy subject,” Porter tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Also, you never know when you’re going to wake up and realize the disease won. I’ve been profoundly affected by so many losses of late and if I can help just one person, one former child actor or especially one mother, this will be worth it.”

Porter’s journey to sobriety began in 2007 and she started her blog in 2012. She says The Lil’ Mamas is a no-judgement zone that allows moms to talk about what they would be otherwise afraid to discuss.

“I felt trapped, scared, and sad and I was ready to really go for broke or get better. So, I did what every good user does and I prayed to a god I had never believed in and then called my mom,” Porter writes.

“Days later I was off to treatment, just like that. For the next four years I went to meetings, worked the steps, got a sponsor, found a god of my own understanding, prayed, meditated and basically grew up.”

Porter admits that the stress of raising her two children, Mason Blaise Autenrieth, 2, and Aria Sage, 4 months, has tempted her to drink, but the responsibilities of parenting also help her to stay sober.

“I don t drink because I don t want to miss one second of the responsibilities I get to have today. I don t drink because I can t. I want to, a lot of days, because I m human and because life gets hard. But I don t. Sobriety offered me everything I ever wanted and never got.”


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