February 07, 2005 08:00 AM

Actors Macaulay Culkin and Chris Tucker may be among the witnesses called to take the stand in Michael Jackson’s defense, New York’s Daily News reports.

As the jury selection in Jackson’s case nears the final phase, the defense and prosecution are both looking at a number of celebrities they feel could help them make their case. One potential witness whose name has been mentioned is Lisa Marie Presley, who was married to Jackson.

According to the Daily News, the prosecution might be interested in statements Presley has made about the “adult persona” Jackson, 46, enacts in private. Meanwhile, Culkin, the childhood star of Home Alone and longtime Jackson friend, has reportedly told the defense that he will support the pop star if called to the stand.

The defense is reportedly also looking at calling Britney Spears choreographer Wade Robson and former TV sitcom star Emmanuel Lewis (Webster), both of whom are friends of Jackson’s.

The singer’s attorneys also hope to bolster their case with testimony from Tucker and actor/comedian George Lopez. Both Tucker and Lopez reportedly interacted with Jackson’s accusers prior to their involvement with the singer.

Meanwhile, the final phase of Jackson’s jury selection, which was expected to begin Monday, was put on hold due to an illness on the singer’s defense team. The selection was expected to be delayed for several days, Reuters reports.

Experts on both sides agree that seating the “right” jury is critical to Jackson’s case. “It’s the whole ball of wax. It’s going to decide if he wins or loses,” a legal professor told Reuters.

There is some concern that certain people may want to make it onto the jury for personal reasons, either because they believe strongly in the singer’s guilt or innocence, or because of their own personal gain.

“There are people who think the most important thing in their entire life will be as a juror on one of these cases,” attorney Harland Braun told Reuters. “There’s fame, there’s importance, there’s the possibility of money involved. They have agendas.”

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