Created by two inventors in their spare time, the 'Cubestormer 3' is powered by a Samsung Galaxy

Forget Skynet. This is the artificial intelligence that really terrifies us.

Inventors David Gilday and Mike Dobson of the United Kindgom built the “Cubestormer 3” robot in their spare time, and this is a video of it solving a Rubik’s Cubein 3.25 seconds, a new world record.

It took Gilday and Dobson 18 months of work (in their spare time, no less) to build their cube-conquering abomination. The Cubestormer 3 uses an ARM (a processor design company based in Cambridge)-designed Samsung Galaxy S4, to analyze the cube and instruct its four robotic hands on how to manipulate the panels.

The creature’s time was verified as a new world record on March 15 by Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of the Guinness World Records book. Its potential to destroy all of mankind has been verified by us.

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