Cuba Gooding Jr. 'Cried' After Discovering He Met One of the Cops Killed in Dallas Shooting

The actor told TMZ about his emotional reaction to Patrick Zamarripa's death

Photo: Source: Patrick Zamarripa/Twitter

Cuba Gooding Jr. met one of the victims of the in February, when he stopped to pose for a photo with Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa.

And when the actor got word of Zamarripa’s death just five months after the photo was taken, the actor admitted that he got very emotional.

“I cried today when I heard that,” he told TMZ on Friday night. “I cried.”

Zamarripa took to his Twitter account to express his excitement about meeting Gooding earlier this year.

“The great @cubagoodingjr,” the 32-year-old Navy veteran wrote. “Thanx for taking the pic with my partner and I. Hope your stay in #Dallas was great sir!”

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Zamarripa was fatally shot when a sniper killed him and four other officers, – and injured seven more people – during an otherwise peaceful protest on Thursday night.

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