Cuba Gooding Jr. seems to be taking a few cues from Madonna these days. He recently dyed his hair blond and, when asked about Roger Moore suggesting that Gooding be the next James bond, he coyly replied, “Finally, a sexy James Bond.” Like the Material Girl, the 33-year-old actor is on a roll these days. He recently celebrated the opening of his new film, “Rat Race,” which also stars Jon Lovitz and Seth Green. Although Gooding is probably best known for his Oscar-wining role as Rod Tidwell in 1997’s “Jerry Maguire,” ice hockey turns out to be his sport of choice. Gooding is a member of the All STARS Hockey League, which includes Chris Kirkpatrick from ‘N Sync, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and model Kim Alexis, not to mention professional hockey alumni Bobby Nystrom and Gary Nylund. The team recently played in a celebrity ice hockey tournament in Las Vegas. “Every film I sneak out and find a rink and skate with the locals,” he said. What’s next for Gooding? He turned down the lead in “Blaze of Glory,” an Otis Redding biopic, but Gooding isn’t closing the door on playing a singer. “There are other musicians I’d like to play,” he said.