"My parents come up here pretty much every weekend," Hugh Hefner's new bride tells PEOPLE
Credit: David Livingston/Getty

If anyone’s okay with Crystal Hefner being married to a man three times her age, it’s her parents.

Her mom and dad are not just supportive of her relationship with Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, they also enjoy the chance to reap the benefits of her lavish life.

“My parents come up here pretty much every weekend,” Crystal, 26, told PEOPLE on Thursday at the Playboy Mansion, just before her husband, 87, announced Raquel Pomplun as 2013’s Playmate of the Year.

“Hef’s friends were joking with them. They were like, ‘Did you guys move in?’ They’re here, outside in the tent. They love it. They love coming here.”

Having their daughter married to the former journalist has also helped their social life.

“They’ve made all kinds of new friends here,” Crystal says. “Hef has friends from all throughout the years, so my parents relate to some of the people more than me, so it’s cool.”

Married since last New Year’s Eve, Crystal calls newlywed life, “awesome,” adding, “We have the best time, and everything’s nice and mellow and perfect.”

Echoing her sentiments is Hefner himself, and he tells PEOPLE he “picked the right lady.”

Despite her decision to call off their original engagement in 2011, Hefner brushes it off as simply, “She didn’t want to rush into it.”

But now, he gushes, “She waited about a year and it became increasingly clear to her that this is what she wanted. Despite the disparity in age, we just have a lot of common interests and we love each other. It’s the down time, it’s the quiet time upstairs watching television, cuddling. Just time alone.”